We'll love your dog like our own.

Many dogs lack stimulation, sufficient outlets for their energy build-up and opportunities to socialise with other dogs. These deficiencies can be directly apportioned to higher levels of anxiety and other associated ‘destructive’ behaviour often inherent in dogs left by themselves for excessive periods of time. Double Doodles Day Care is free from restrictive pens and cages, instead opting to initiate free-running and supervised play activities. Promoting stimulation, improved fitness levels and general wellbeing, resulting in calmer more relaxed companion at the end of your working day.


Double Delights

Wherever possible, we create appropriate playgroups that provide ‘like-sized’ dogs all-day access to organised, fully equipped, rest and play sessions. Here’s how you and your dog stand to benefit from doggie day care:

Socialisation with other dogs

As you’ll find lots of other dogs at day care - all different breeds, ages and sizes – yours will quickly learn to socialise and mix in this environment. Day care helps dogs to build confidence and become more comfortable around their canine companions. It’s important to socialise your dog from a young age and day care is an excellent way of doing this in a controlled, fun environment.



Exercise and well-being

There’s always plenty going on at Double Doodles. We have acres of customised play areas for dogs to engage or simply chill out. Rotating the packs around the activity areas, runs and relaxation zones promotes the burn-off of excess energy. Regular Day care attendance will help to keep your dog generally fit and healthier.







Mental stimulation

All dogs need mental stimulation to help to keep brains active and minimise boredom. Ongoing interaction with other dogs and day care staff ensure your dog is constantly engaged both physically and mentally. Day care is an excellent way of relieving boredom and eliminating other associated destructive behaviour, we always ensure your dog has plenty of things to do.

Always in good company
Dogs that are left alone all day can get very lonely. Luckily your dog will never be on their own while at day care. They will always have the company of lots of friendly dogs as well as members of staff to have fun with.

Less owner dependency

Being part of a newly formed social pack, your dog won’t always be the centre of attention as might be the case at home – trust us, this is a good thing – dogs excessively reliant on their owner often develop separation anxiety issues, not good for you or your pet. By exposure to different places and situations, day care should improve your dog’s independence and reduce associated anxiety.

Your dog comes home fulfilled
You will be surprised at just how tired your dog is when they come home from day care. Just one day playing with other dogs and keeping active will help them to burn a lot of energy, ensuring your dog – and as a direct result, you – should be much calmer and relaxed when they get home after a long day at ‘work’.





7:30am - 6pm Monday - Friday.

Showarounds and Trial days


We know how important it is for you to know where your dog is spending their days so we want you and your dog to come and have a look/sniff around,

so you can see the facilities and ask any questions you may have.  We will also talk you through how we our temperament test

Once you have had a showaround, we will book you in for a trial day – this is where you bring your dog and leave them for the morning or a full day.  We will introduce them to the other dogs at a pace that suits the personality of your dog.  During their trial day we will send you photos and videos so you can see

how your dog is settling in


To attend our free running daycare, your dog needs to be social with other dogs and humans and fully vaccinated including kennel cough (if available) 


Unfortunately, we do not accept any males over nine months old that have not been castrated

Please note it is the owner’s responsibility to notify us of all aspects of your dog’s behaviour for the safety of all dogs in our care.   

We are unable to accept any dogs with anti-social behaviour issues